desk-office-hero-workspace-mediumThe excitement people feel when turning an idea or concept into a start-up company is like the first time that person learned to ride a bike without training wheels or driving a car for the first time alone. It is important to get your product or business to as many customers as possible, and today it is essential that a start-up business has its own website. It is the best way to expand your customer base as well as provide an opportunity to establish the service the company will provide to the public. Marketing, advertisement or word of mouth was the only means to plug a product in the past. The opportunity in the time of connecting through a website has really created a broad range and is full of potential. The three important concepts of a start-up business website is the layout, visual presentation, and language used to demonstrate if the business will be successful.

Website Design
The first step should be the creation of a domain name, it is vital to register the domain name in order to keep the integrity of the company. The website design is a critical piece to draw in the right customer base. It is the creation that an entrepreneur has to tell the world how wonderful their product or service is adding the reasons why their business has such potential. The founder has to tell the story of the many benefits their service or product has to offer.
The layout of a website requires a great deal of planning, it has to be intuitive, easily navigated, an accurate sitemap, and the speed to which the website can be loaded to a computer. The website design has to be eye catching, demonstrate the strengths of the company, and presentation is truly everything. The website should coincide with the services offered, for example, the founder of the start-up business ought to greet the visitors to the website and with Dynadot having the best free website builder the decision is easy when you are just starting off.

The trend today is to be transparent; gaining the trust of the customer is a critical piece to presenting the business. It is important to allow the customer to see the founder and staff, even going as far as including a paragraph about the individual. Creating a website

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that makes the staff accessible, such as include an email address to demonstrate that if the customer has any questions they can contact the staff directly.

The visual presentation on a website is a critical part of the design. The appearance of web design such as visual enhancements has a way of not just draw a customer to the site. It can visually stimulate the customer to use the product or service. For example, keeping the presentation down to two minutes, a customer can get lost or lose interest if the demonstration is too long. Make sure that the flow of the website moves along do not add to much information, however, and give the customer enough to entice them to contact the company.