Modern Trends in Flooring

These days people have more choice than any time in recent memory when it comes to flooring for the home (https://www.finegulv.no/) . For a considerable length of time they were essentially limited to only a bunch of choices. In this article we will take a gander at some of the more strange flooring choices.

Ceramic Wood Effect Flooring

The technology used in this type of flooring means that the finished effect is practically indistinguishable from real wood. These fake wood tiles have the advantage that they are extremely durable and they are additionally significantly more waterproof than a real wood floor. They don’t twist or spoil and they are very easy to keep clean.


Bamboo has been around for a long time, yet it has recently become more famous and on trend. Even however it is really a grass, the flooring produced from this plant is shockingly hard. The appearance is certainly that of a hardwood (https://www.finegulv.no/categories/korkgulv) . Bamboo floors can be dazzling and they are more environmentally friendly than customary wood. This is because the bamboo plant is very renewable as it just takes a few years for it to develop to development.


Many would think this an astounding choice of flooring for the home. However, not every concrete floor give a jail like or mechanical sort of appearance. Concrete can take on shading, and when it is polished and sealed it can look genuinely beautiful. It can add a dash of elegance to a kitchen or lounge area. It is very sustainable as it goes on for some, numerous years. It is additionally incredibly easy to take care of. Spillages can be easily mopped up and will leave no enduring damage by any means.


Like concrete, some people would view leather as a surprising flooring choice. Nevertheless, it very well may be used to create a rich and warm effect. It is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and has quite a protecting effect. It is delicate underfoot and available in a range of hues. Leather flooring is additionally very durable and will keep going for a considerable length of time. Some state that it becomes more hard wearing as time goes on! Leather flooring works especially well in studies and libraries.


Stopper flooring is developing in fame especially with the more eco cognizant homeowner (https://www.finegulv.no/categories/gummigulv). Stopper trees can be harvested every nine to twelve years, yet they are never chopped down. Stopper flooring is very beautiful and it tends to be finished with a lacquer that offers protection from scratches and gives a lovely even sheen.

Lime Washed Wood Flooring

A different take on a customary wooden floor, this can look fresh and up-to-date. Whitewashing makes the floors appear weathered and bleached, and looks great in bedrooms giving a real pitiful chic look.